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Simon Woodey |
Dear Bill. It was such a pleasure to meet you on my train the other day! A real treat to duet with the writer of Saturday Night!
17 May 2017 - On the train after Moreton In Marsh

Moira Vallance |
Hi Bill
It was an honour to meet such an illustrious fellow Scot this morning at reception. Many thanks! Great songs.
5 May 2017 - Chelsea

Graham Ingram |
HI Trying to get in touch wit Bill. He managed my Band many years ago Sally Sally. I have a prestigious project I would like to speak with him about that may appeal
10 February 2017 - united Kingdom

Gerry Ferguson |
I was born in Govan in 1937. My mother's maiden name was Maggie wYLIE My Grandfather, Alec Wylie was married twice. My Mother came from the first family and I think your Mother was from the second. Perhaps we could learn more from each other about these families.
7 February 2017 - CUPERTINO, CA USA

Michael Herder |
Hello Mr. Martin, I'm a huge admirer of your life work. Therefore it would be a great honor for me, if I may you some items to sign for me? Thanks for reading my mail!
16 January 2017 - Germany

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