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Russ McKernan |
Sad news from Shepperton ! I heard a rumour that The Red Lion is no more! I remember you used to be a barman there ! (JOKE!) Anyhoo Bill it is good to see a fellow Glesgie guy is still going strong!
23 December 2009 - Now residing in VERY rural North Devon .. oh arrrr!

sue&paul white |
dear bill just to thank you for the lovely talks on the balmoral cruise
15 December 2009 - whitsable kent

Jean Mason |
Wonderful to hear of your success. When I am down sometimes I cheer myself up remembering the chit chat between you and Tommy Scott in the Mills Music Reception in Denmark Street. Until then I did not know the Scottish had a sense of humour. I was the blond receptionist
there in the 60's when Elton Jophn worked sending out records. After many years I finally landed up as a news reporter? If you ever get this where do you live now?
31 October 2009 - Devon England

Keith Dear | |
Hi Bill. Thanks for dining at Vaudreys today and for your kind comments. I hope that you were in time for your train.


25 October 2009 - Hildenborough

Carolyn plus children |
If only I had known that you wrote Puppet on a String, I used to sing it all the time - Have you shaved any other hire cars with the yellow peril?
18 August 2009 - Was in Vale do Lobo now in Hampshire

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