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bill martin |
great to hear there is a great bill martin in the world . maybe we are distant relatives as my family originates from Perthshire Scotland and Folkstone Kent.
4 August 2009 - canada

Malcolm Young |
Dear Bill,
Thanks for the drink this afternoon and the interesting meeting it was a plaesure speaking with you.
looking forward to the rest of my time In New York but very intersting to meet you while i was here. Best regards
19 June 2009 - Currently New York (Vacation)

Sam Peacock | |
Greetings Sir, I have vivid memories of our meeting at Kenwood back in January 76', when I was nine. Kemper told me about your time together this past week & said I should drop a line. As one of the music lunatics that contact you daily, I have many questions I would tremendously like to ask. I'd be obliged if you answered one. What work did you do with George Harrison & Midge Ure? I guess that's two, sorry. My knowledge of your work in the 60's is much sharper than the 70's, other than the Bay City Rollers. Best too You & your Family. Thank you for your time! Cheers, Sam
16 June 2009 - Kemper's Son in Santa Cruz

Mark McEvoy | |
Hey Bill,

How are you?!! It was so great to meet you in Portugal and hear some of your stories. I'm looking forward to your book, so I can read the rest. I hope we can find a reason to work together sometime in the future. I know you've got a top team around you but you never know! All went well for me in Nashville. I spent some more time hanging out with the Jefferson Street Old timers. They have some stories to tell too! Got your message. I hope this comment makes it through to you. Stay in touch and take it easy. Best regards. Mark
2 May 2009 - London

Hi there hope you are well when is your book coming out we are all waiting for it...Lol xxx
25 April 2009 - UK

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