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Luis de Sousa | |
Hi my friend,
Remember you from my previous Restaurant (Atlantico) in Quarteira Portugal and from Vale do Lobo Golf Club.That was about 30 years ago!!!!
Send you a big hug, BEST WISHES.
Luigi´s Restaurant Albufeira
7 February 2014

Steve Womack | |
Hi Bill, Are you still cruising, boozing and being amusing?
4 February 2014 - Bed

Sally Franklyn | |
Dear Bill,

It was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely Wife yesterday, I was astounded when I found out that you wrote all of those beautiful songs, absolutely such a creative mind,
I enjoyed the party so much,
I would love to get your expert oppinion on my next step, your advice would be invaluable,

Many thanks

Sally Franklyn
27 January 2014 - London

Cameron Kippen | |
Sincere thanks for all the joy your song have brought to millions.
19 January 2014 - Perth, Australia

Robert Ramsay |
Hi Bill. I'm organising a reunion night for Govan High School on Friday 25th of April to raise funds and bring former pupils back together. I admin a Facebook page of which there are over 600 former pupils, "Govan High School Over 30s" page, of which you are welcome to join. I'd like to extend an invite to yourself to attend the reunion also. Profits made from every ticket sold and the raffle I'm organising goes straight back to the current flock to help bring the cost down of a school trip. Be good to see you attend or even if there's anything you could donate to help raise funds would be very much appreciated.
17 January 2014 - Govan High School

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