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Peter Olsen [London Swing] | |
Dear Mr Martin, it was a real honour to meet you at Nigel's birthday party. Thank you so much for your kind words about London Swing's performance. We're just sorry we didn't know you would be there - otherwise we could have included one of your songs!
24 October 2016 - UK

John Banks | |
Can I ask which close in Taransay St.
I was doing search of Taransay St, Govan and your name came up.... You see, my family lived there from about 1930- 1990. In no. 9 (the last before Elder St, 1st floor).
I am gathering memorabilia from Govan and Taransay St in particular to pass down the generations. Do you have such a thing as an autobiography ?
6 October 2016 - Currently Cabanas,Portugal

Jane Bubb |
Hello Bill - you told me you were a "legend" so I checked your website as you suggested and, guess what, I see you are! I hope you and your team enjoyed a very special day supporting the Princess Alice Hospice. Best regards Jane Bubb
3 September 2016 - Esher, Surrey

Hi Bill, Simon here from a couple of months back on Saga pearl 2 (The band) played a couple of your songs for you, Just thought id get in touch maybe meeting up in London when we are at the savoy or the Dorch, Possible gigs etc, All the best to your better half.....Si
2 September 2016

Stuart L Briggs |
Hello Bill - Anne and I really enjoyed your company with Alan (?) and the girls
(apologies-forgotten their names) in the Canny Mans on sunday. Loved hearing your stories, so hope we see you again up here. Even a game of golf once my slipped disc is repaired.
Never met someone who's played with so many Major winners ! All best. Stuart
IF you e mail,note the 'l' in midname !
9 June 2015

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