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Peter (Bobby Cruising) |
Pardon this note, but I am in awe of your songwriting ability and wondered
if you ever wrote a book on this subject, as guidance to would-be
songwriters? I am also fascinated to learn that you once owned kenwood!
What great achievements.

I have just found out that your biography is coming out soon. A must-read for anyone who loves British popular music!
19 July 2013 - Surrey

Bridget Wood |
Hello Bill, I'm the one who draws people's animals in pastel & we met in the wine bar in Eliz. St about 6 months ago! Just thought I'd love to take my Goddaughter to The Water Babies, do you know when it'll be on & where? She (Issy) is 13 & has written a piece of music which I'd love you to hear, would that be at all poss? You must get so many like this, so just tell me! I think it's very good, she's very talented. If you have time would love to hear from you again,
with very best wishes,
Bridget (Biddy)
3 July 2013 - Kent

Elizabeth Brown |
Hi Bill I just found out that you went to Govan High School and went to the reunion Monday. I also went to Govan High and so wanted to go on Monday but I was working. It would have been nice to have met you. You have done so well in your career. Well done Govan boy. My parents were also born in Govan.
27 June 2013 - Stirling

Cara Brodie |
Hi Bill, what an absolute pleasure to meet you in London this evening!
27 June 2013 - Motcomb Street, London

Ross King |
Hi Bill,

So lovely to meet you ( finally) last year in London. Back over soon so hopefully continue the conversation.
Just watched the BCR's with Ann Margaret video on your's brilliant !!!
All the best,
29 April 2013 - Los Angeles

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