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Barry & Moira Skinner |
Dear Bill (and Jan of course)

It was a great thrill to meet you both on the Queen Victoria's Baltic Cruise last week.

Your talks were the highlights of the "days at sea" and were so interesting. Moira particularly interested in anything about the Beatles.

As well as a great songwriter you have a rare gift of presenting your subject with skill and humour. A superb showman.

It was also a fun to meet up with you and Jan for a few drinks at more informal times in the Queens Grill Lounge and with Allan Stewart in the Commodore Club. It took Moira and I a day or two to get over that late night!

Wish you both well for the future.

Barry & Moira
7 August 2011 - Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

carol garrett ward |
H Bill, I am just back from the Cunard Queen Victoria cruise and sat through all your wonderful talks about musicals, Elvis/Beatles and your own songs. I loved it all....I grew up with all your music. I loved the Kenwood story about John Lennon's house. This is the house where poor Cynthia Lennon came home to find Yoko in her very own bathrobe and was obviously the end of her marriage to John. This was also the house where Two Virgins were recorded by John and much musical history. Wonderful. Happy cruising and keep up the wonderful work, you have a rare talent. I shed a tear for manipulated and controlled: misguided by those who managed him. Be good take care and as Dave Allan used to say...may your God go with you.
3 August 2011 - N. Ireland

graham gormley |
hi Bill, forgot to mention in last message that I do some DJ for a local radio station here in Aus (91.1 spirit FM) been doing the breakfast show and Friday afternoon 'Bullpit session'. Did a bit of a special on your songs and some background info on you that I got from personal experience and the web. It went over very well with a lot of listners recalling and enjoying the music. Plus my street cred skyrocketed from knowing a such an influential musician...good on ya mate!!!
27 May 2011 - Australia

Peter Spencer |
Hi Bill,
It was lovely to meet you today and I hope all went well with your meeting.I hope you enjoy the match on Saturday and your old friend comes out on top.I was interested that you remembered Norman Newell who was a good friend of my family for many years and my mother recalls meeting you many years ago at his office in London.Take good care of yourself. Best wishes Peter
26 May 2011 - London

graham |
Hi Bill
Hope you are well and still enjoying life!
We met on the QM2 a couple of years ago(Christmas 2008) on a cruise around the Carribean, we had the dining table next to you, from memory you called us 'champagne charlies'!
We often relate to others of meeting you and your tales onboard, as well as your lively company,it was a pleasure we will always remember.
16 May 2011 - Australia

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