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Sheena Mcmanus |
Delighted about your MBE, well deserved. A fellow Scot, I met you at a party in the 60s (my cousin is Johnny Keating) I told you to put Harpic on you teeth and rinse it off next morning. you sang the words of a song which began "I'm gonna spoil you baby" did you ever publish it?
18 June 2014 - Frinton on Sea Uk

T Smith-Daniels
Many congratulations on your receipt of a much deserved MBE! Regards and best wishes.
14 June 2014 - UK

Dorothy Howe |
Dear Bill, Pleasure speaking to you earlier and really enjoyed checking out your website and being reminded of all those amazing hits. Would be a pleasure to meet up next week. All best regards, Dorothy
30 May 2014 - London

Kay | |
Hi Bill, pleasure speaking with you earlier. Please give us a call if you require a box at Ascot Racecourse any time in the future. We will do you a great deal!
28 May 2014 - East Sussex - England

Will Rendle | |
Hello Bill
Met you in the dolphin square bar tonight...
Must say I'm rather impressed at the tunes you have written. Please listen to my band. Will and the people .. I love music so much!!!!
Email me.. Let's write your next hit. Fuck one direction
I feel a storm coming .
3 April 2014 - London

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