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Stewart |
Hi Bill, i used to work in The Fox and Hounds many years ago and always remembered you. An absolute gentleman and loved your stories from the past. Hope you and your wife are well. Im back in Dundee now so weather not so great. Keep well . . Stewart
20 October 2010 - Dundee

Ben Crawford
Bill, nice to meet you in back of my taxi in Edinburgh from Colinton to Cafe Royal on Friday 8 October, you were a gentleman. I did say I would google you and I now know who you are although my mum was very aware who you were, I did say to you I was an 80's boy born in 1966. I have been viewing your whole website and its good, hopefully get you in back of my taxi again and get your autograph next time. I must apologise though for saying "congratulations" was a bouncy song :-) Take care, regards Ben Crawford
10 October 2010 - Edinburgh

Gavin |
Hi Bill
Thought it was about time I left a message, thanks for the interview. I was looking for an inspirational story from an extraordinary individual. You ticked the boxes. Great company and wonderful stories. a star!
thanks Bill....see you soon
16 September 2010 - Scotland

Barbara Steinberg | |
Last 2 years have been introduced to CELTIC THUNDER 9THE VERY VERY BEST OF THE VERY VERY BEST)...and just wanted to add my two cents that you & Coulter sure make pretty music for those fellows. Don't stop! Keep 'em coming!
22 August 2010 - United States of America

Dave Gold |
Hi Bill, Glad to see you're still in good form. I'm living in France at the moment, but coming home to the UK soon. Keep well, DG.
11 August 2010 - Brittany

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