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Stuart Humphreys |
Hello Bill, it was good to meet you and your friend Frank in motcombs last week, my wife Michelle and I had a fantastic few nights there and its always good to meet people like yourself that are happy to just talk and give us the expierence of hearing such great memories that you have had.
Hope to bump into you again in motcombs, Thanks again Stuart (the wig
10 September 2012 - Portsmouth

Steve Lewis
Some amazing music, carefully crafted melodies with some creative lyrics (with the exception of Shang -a -lang ):)) Your talent has helped inspire lots of the new generation bands and artists.
It bought a very big smile to my face when i found out that you were responsible for '' Back home''.... (given the Scots/English football rivalry )....
I understand that you're working on a biography, please let us know through your web site when its due to hit the shops!
Keep up the good work, and thanks again for all the music that you've given us over the years.
26 February 2012 - Woking

Alan Robb |
Hi Mr Martin, just wanted to say what a pleasure it was having you onboard yesterday's flight. I had know idea you were resposible for my embarrassing moments on the dance floor .Your a true legend,keep writing. Best wishes Alan Robb
8 February 2012 - Edinburgh

John Catherall(Souled Out) | |
Hi Bill

This is John Catherall from the Band Souled Out I Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak to me and all of Souled Out at Saturdays function, The Bobby Moore Cancer Research Ball,

It was a pleasure to speak to you and find out about all the tunes you have written for so many great stars that Britain and the World have produced the likes of Cilla, Lulu,Bay City Rollers and of course The King himself The Great Elvis Presley. You are such an awesome talent Bill that this country has ever produced ,

Keep on writing and don't forget our Eurovison song, You and Souled Out could win it for the UK good luck always love Johnny Cat And all of Souled Out
4 October 2011 - ENGLAND

Iain Sim |
Dear Bill

Just a quick email to say it was great to meet you, on board the Queen Victoria. David and I were thrilled to meet a living legend.

Thank you, also, for your very kind words of encouragement in relation to the Rugby World Cup album; we were very grateful.

When we get the promos from Decca we'd love to send you one; what is your office address?

fter the dust has settled on the Rugby World Cup would you like to co-write a song or two ....?

Very best wishes

Iain and David Sim
10 August 2011 - Glasgow, Scotland

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